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SUBJECT: Election predictions
DATE POSTED: 12/8/2000
NAME: Treva L. Van Fossen
  I wish that submission dates had been included to document when each prediction was contributed. I'm trying to prove astrology's scientific significance to my father, and I mentioned the accurate predictions that appeared on Star IQ to back up my argument. The absence of those dates are like holes in the foundation of my point to his counter-point. Happy Holidays!

SUBJECT: post presidential race
DATE POSTED: 12/6/2000
NAME: sissysmith
  I would love to see some one do an article on the very hidden, behind the scenes astrological implications of this election. The irregularities (the nice word they are using for voter fraud) should be looked into no matter how long it takes.

The Bush brothers do not seem to have a problem giving the American people the "bums rush". That all of this controversy should happen in the one state that is governed by George W's brother is simply unbelieveable.
What lurkes in the eight house of this election chart?

SUBJECT: election/inaugeration.
DATE POSTED: 11/21/2000
NAME: cris
  given that both mercury and the moon touch 14 deg of scorpio, where the sun was the day of the election for EST positions, on the 23rd/24th of november, we will hear some emotional, outspokeness on those days. this is probably not decisive but it has the potential for being vitriolic and containing "too early celebrations" as greed is also rampant. there is also a strong possibility of lies as these bodies semisquare the mars placement and make a wide opposition to transiting saturn.

mars touches the same position on the 17th/18th of january, a few days before the election. there is violence in the air as this is semi square to mars' position at the time of the election. wise officials would include higher levels of security as fringe elements are rambunctious.

given this position, i doubt that gore will win. but this day will also see the 'final decision' rendered.

SUBJECT: Jupiter-Saturn and the election
DATE POSTED: 11/9/2000
NAME: Anthony Louis
  Given the surprising course of the November 7th vote, I reviewed the chart for the May 28, 2000 Jupiter-Saturn conjunction and compared it to the USA Gemini-rising chart. The Jupiter-Saturn cycle has had a major effect on the U.S. presidency. The 2000 Jupiter Saturn conjunction occurred at 22 Taurus 44’ and has a strongly Uranian flavor. Jupiter and Saturn were square transiting Uranus at 20 Aquarius 49 Rx. Transiting Uranus was in the 10th house of the USA chart and conjunct the natal USA Moon, which implies surprising and disruptive events affecting the presidency. The sun on the day of the conjunction (May 28) was at 7 Gemini 37 and conjoined the natal USA Ascendant and Uranus, suggesting a major period of upheaval for this nation. Jupiter and Saturn conjoined in the USA natal 12th house, so there probably a lot going on in secret behind the scenes. It is quite possible that the misleading TV coverage and the irregularities in Florida (such as Gore’s votes being counted for Buchannan) will lead to significant election reforms. I still think that Bush has the astrological edge and will assume the presidency, even though Gore may be the actual winner in both the popular and electoral vote if there were not voting irregularities. Uranus is full of surprises and works in mysterious ways. Along with Uranus, Mercury making a station on election day adds a strong dose of the trickster archetype to this year’s election.

SUBJECT: Elections 2000
DATE POSTED: 11/8/2000
NAME: Judy
  I did not read this before the elections and find it most interesting to consider everyone's insights on the day after...especially in lieu of all that is happening. Postings were quite remarkable! Thanks to each of you for sharing.

SUBJECT: presidential election results
DATE POSTED: 11/3/2000
  I'm so happy to see someone noting the importance of the Mercury retrograde in the returns. I agree the fnal count will take some time and will reveal some surprises.

SUBJECT: Washington's Inauguration Chart
DATE POSTED: 11/2/2000
NAME: Anthony Louis
  Could you post the data for the Washington inauguration chart? The date is given, but not the time and place:
"The Sun of George Washington’s first inaguration on April 30, 1789 is precisely on the Ascendant of the Bush inauguration this coming January. Washington’s first inauguration is the chart for the office of the presidency itself. "

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