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SUBJECT: to the webmaster attention
DATE POSTED: 1/28/2012
NAME: Mary
  please check the bottom of the article ,it has a long glitch of script codes.Thank you Mary T.

SUBJECT: Medical Astrology
DATE POSTED: 5/19/2007
NAME: bhaskar
  Dear Jones,

ur artical is very informative . there are other important factors mainly affilation of nodes(Rahu and Ketu) with Moon and Sun perticularly in Divisional Chart (D6)is clear pointer of bad health. If u will throw more light on timing of ill health using dasha mahadasha system will be great beneficial to veiwer. thank u for good informative artical- bhaskar INDIA.

SUBJECT: moon in aries...
DATE POSTED: 2/7/2003
NAME: fiorella got right. I crave carbs. and I cannot overcome inertia when I'm stressed-but when I'm very busy at work I love it and I eat "right".
Where can I find aromatherapy "fire" stimulations or essences?

SUBJECT: Lunar health cycles
DATE POSTED: 11/24/2000
NAME: dean lloyd
  I have developed a technique called "Acutone TM" which is frequency acupuncture, vibrational medicine and also a very useful holistic healing technique. For more information, please visit my web site at .



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