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SUBJECT: Sun/Uranus aha!
DATE POSTED: 11/28/2000
NAME: Litha
  Excellent article, certainly felt the turbulence that Nov 7th. On a personal note, my beau (Aug, 12, 1969) and I (Jan 7th, 1966) were to be celebrating our 1st yr anniversary on Nov 12th, which was less than festive due to the worst srguement ever. He'd taken umbrage over the idea that I'd purchased a gift for him that he thought was excessive (my Aquarian Venus 2nd house opp his Leo Sun/Moon?)
His surprised turned into anger from this unintentioned ego assault as he had not planned on an exchange of gifts. I was so upset and saddend over his reaction, but angry at his coarsely aggressive, verbally abusive behavior that even now I question the continuance of this pairing.

SUBJECT: Uranus and the Presidential Election
DATE POSTED: 11/25/2000
NAME: Beverlee Brown
  Your article is thought-provoking. If I may, I would like to also suggest that Uranus squaring the Sun on Election Day was even more powerfully indicative of the kind of chaos we might have expected because Uranus was at the degree of the Solar Eclipse that took place last February 5th.

Beverlere Brown

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