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SUBJECT: clinton years.
DATE POSTED: 7/8/2001
NAME: cris bronson
  sorry, but bill clinton wasn't that lucky for this country. there was a facade of wealth, a facade of doing well but that facade began to crumble rapidly in the second term. i know alot of professionals who lost their jobs, their homes and ended up living on the street during the clinton years. me included. i'm an engineer. it happened inspite of the so called prosperity.

if you look under this facade, you'll see that the same people who thought clinton was helping them are still living in the same squalor they did before. they still don't have easy access to loans for education, homes, nor do they have the same opportunities.

when you're living in a narrow focus, from home to work and back, involved only in the lives of those in your immediate framework, you don't see the squalor or the poverty. and what happens behind the closed doors of others, or out on the street isn't part of your life.

yes, we had a few more homeless shelters. and how many of those are safe? most aren't. not because the people who go there are for the most part dangerous, but because they're forgotten, brushed aside. how many times i sat on the side of the road watching everyone moving by me in their cars going to their homes or to their jobs... and me, in the rain or the snow. going door to door in business areas asking for work.

i'm working now. but don't you dare tell me that clinton was good for this country and made us prosperous. what we had was an illusion. and it was as great an illusion as the rest of his life. the man had no discipline. kids in schools began killing each other more often.... talk about that, too.

SUBJECT: Further observations on the Christmas 2000 Eclipse
DATE POSTED: 1/20/2001
NAME: Anthony Louis
  My predictions for the U.S. were based on the December 25, 2000 eclipse in the U.S. Gemini-rising chart where it fell in the U.S. 8th house, with the Saturn, Neptune, and Uranus Astro*Carto*Graphy lines running through California. Because the 8th is the house of death, in 2001 I expected the death of Ronald Reagan, who resides in that region. It is interesting that Reagan fell and broke his hip a couple of weeks after the eclipse. Hip fractures in the elderly often lead to complications that result in death. Also interesting is that the 8th house signifies power and that California is experiencing an electrical (Uranus) power shortage (Saturn)within weeks of the eclipse.

SUBJECT: articles
DATE POSTED: 12/27/2000
NAME: kiritshukla
  ehaustive but informative- nice-compilation with dates and data-
very useful should be preserved by any one interested in astrology as a ready reckoner. i am acquring a print out and keeping it handy for refence and study on day today basis.

SUBJECT: pollution.
DATE POSTED: 12/26/2000
NAME: cris
  frankly, the automotive industry IS producing environmentally friendly vehicles. in some areas, these vehicles are actually putting out cleaner air than they take in.

we do have another very serious source of air pollution which we are just beginning to face. and that is the pollution produced by residential burning of wood for heat and trash.

it is environmentally irresponsible to assume because the fire in our fireplaces is so beautiful and heartwarming that it is inconsequential.

you may wish to check out which has been in existence for a few years. it's collection of statistics, data and information clearly shows that just as a growing number of people banded together to eradicate tobacco smoke in certain areas (a much much smaller source of the same pollutants produced by wood, without
as many carcinogens as wood produces), people are banding together to get wood smoke under control.

recently, npr discussed the issues with soot, but insisted in their broadcast that these sources were from electricity producing facilities. the sad fact is that until we recognize and begin to deal with this very severe issue (more than 44% of all of the air pollution in san francisco according to one study) and as much as 80 to 90% of the air pollution in other areas, according to other studies, we will continue to grow sicker as a nation.

numbers of asthmatics are rising. and they will continue to
rise until we are responsible for this too. pluto opposed by transiting saturn in taurus, then gemini means that we will be addressing very real sources of air pollution instead of
continuing to toss the 'politically correct' arrows against an industry which has already moved substantial mountains.

SUBJECT: Tony Louis 2001 Predictions
DATE POSTED: 12/26/2000
NAME: Sandy Bateman
  I am fascinated with the specific predictions made by astrologer-extraordinaire Tony Louis.

His forecast of the physical death of a public figure is in sharp contrast with the mostly vague philosophical verbiage presented by the other contributors.

His foresight is honest and responsible.

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