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SUBJECT: Venus VS Ceres = whore VS madonna
DATE POSTED: 1/18/2012
NAME: Sue Montgomery
  Just loved this article & how this understanding of mythology informs this female identity rift. Wondering how the pro-life political agenda is likely to play out this Fall when Moon is on Galactic Center 27 degrees Sagittarius. Would like to know the other planetary players at same time & an interpretation of what is likely to unfold. It is astonishing to me that Roe vs. Wade is challenged routinely, & leads me to ask what will put this issue to rest? (And...have you noticed that those who want to regulate women's bodies are old fat men?)

SUBJECT: An interesting sidenote
DATE POSTED: 1/17/2012
NAME: Jeanne
  Another goddess who might be considered in this mix is Hera, traditionally goddess of marriage. Demeter is not, really, the "mother" goddess in usual terms. That's Cybele -- the "Magna Mater" of Anatolia. Although it's certainly fair enough to pain Demeter as the most "motherly" of the main pantheon of "Great Gods."

Of additional interest -- at least to me -- is that Dionysos, the male god most often associated with pleasure (and sex) after Eros, is among the FEW male gods who, in (the most common strains of) his myths, is loyal to his (mortal!) wife: Ariadne. (Also, curiously, and despite his "feminization" in later, post-Classical art, he's the most heterosexual, although James Davidson in COURTESANS & FISHCAKES might explain this via his discussion of what "kinaidos" REALLY meant. If you like Greek myth/history, I'd highly recommend that book -- it's both good scholarship AND highly readable.)

Anyway, I find it interesting that Dionysos is mostly missing from the astrological mythos (as is his wife, Ariadne).

SUBJECT: Venus-Ceres schism by Valerie Vaughn
DATE POSTED: 1/2/2001
NAME: Natori Moore
  Great article and a much-needed area of discussion. This social split between "Madonna-Whore" is painful for women and does no service to male evolution either. Would enjoy hearing more on healing this breach.

SUBJECT: Thanks!
DATE POSTED: 1/2/2001
NAME: Michael WolfStar
  Thanks Valerie for this enlightening view of Ceres and Venus! I also enjoyed and often refer to your essay on the asteroid Pallas and her connection to computers and the internet, found in your Astro-Mythology book.

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