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SUBJECT: Current Mercury Rx
DATE POSTED: 3/10/2013
NAME: chris
  This info is quite informative and concise without getting too technical. Thanks

SUBJECT: Jeff's work on subject is excellent
DATE POSTED: 1/2/2011
NAME: Merry Haack
  Thank you for this awesome work, Jeff. It is the most comprehensive I have seen to really clarify what an excellent period this is to pause, reflect and regroup.... I adore your excellence in presentation.
Angel hugs,

SUBJECT: Mercury retrograde
DATE POSTED: 9/5/2010

There is an app that predicts when Mercury is going to go retrograde or direct and represents these events on a custom color calendar with Mercury and Earth in the correct zodiac house.
I'm telling people who might want to know about it.
If it sounds interesting to you, the address is below.

The address is:

SUBJECT: Animals
DATE POSTED: 11/30/2004
NAME: Janelle
  Animals seem to have a hard time of it during Mercury Retrograde.

SUBJECT: mercury retro Sept-Oct
DATE POSTED: 9/4/2002
NAME: Jan Lucas
  Your dates are off in the article, I suppose, since you are talking May?

SUBJECT: Mercury Retrograde
DATE POSTED: 1/20/2002
NAME: Michael Shea
  Note error in the "Who Gets It" section- probably text left over from last summer's mercury retrograde- you use 21 and 29 Gemini as the operative degree points for this period . Otherwise the article is a terrific concise explanation of planet motion and daily effects of the phenomenon- Thanks!
Michael Shea

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