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SUBJECT: Ashcroft's correct birth date
DATE POSTED: 2/26/2001
NAME: Jeff Jawer
  Ashcroft's own website has, "Prior to entering public service, Ashcroft taught business law at Southwest Missouri State University in Springfield. Ashcroft was born on May 9, 1942."

This date is repeated in many places such as the American Center for Law and Justice at

SUBJECT: Ashcroft chart
DATE POSTED: 2/26/2001
NAME: Peter Doughty
  I have a different birthdate for Ashcroft: 9 May 1943, in Chicago IL (source: Congressional Biographical Directory).
Mercury-Uranus conjunct in Gemini widely conjunct Saturn in Gemini -- talk about being a man of two minds! -- which in turn is square to Mars in Pisces: indicating a martyr for this administration? Additionally, there is a Moon-Jupiter conjunction for legal devotion to family values.
A further important point: progressing his natal Sun for year 2001 brings Sun to 14 Cancer -- conjunct the USA Declaration of Independence Sun AND the Sun for G.W. Bush!
AND -- that is where the north lunar node is now.
Something strange and fateful at work here...

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