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SUBJECT: Washington D.C. Zodiac
DATE POSTED: 10/25/2002
NAME: Tom McClellan
  Thank you for the articles on the zodiacs that are to be found in your nations capital. The masons really did some good work there!

Sincerely, Tom

SUBJECT: Masonic symbols in the White House
DATE POSTED: 7/23/2002
NAME: IbiLola
  WA ALLAH,Thank you for the beginning of an understanding to the why?of the birth of this nation.Many secrets are now coming to the light.Many people who have their heads in the sand can now rise to the occasion of spiritual in-tunement.Europe is saturated with the Masonic knowledge.In the states however it is a dying science.Would like more information on Sufism.As a muslim woman I'M always seeking the knowledge...from birth to death.IBILOLA

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