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DATE POSTED: 1/31/2005
NAME: Judy
  Another aspect in the Washington inaug. chart is solar arc. Pluto from 19 Aquarius to the conjunction of Mars at 13 Aries = about 54 degrees. 1789 + 54 = 1843 right into the Samuel Morse and his Morse code and the telegraph.

Scorpio is on the 3rd house cusp of this chart.

DATE POSTED: 4/23/2004
NAME: Judy
  If you look at all the possibilities involved here, you will find that the Ford assembly line opened in late 1913, and in Jan. of 1914, he doubled the wages of his employees.
By the way, Pluto rules the 3rd house of transportation and communication in the Washington inaugeration chart.

In the Washington chart, T. Saturn in Gemini was squaring natal Saturn at about 20 Pisces at the time of the opening of the assembly line (bringing the thought or idea into reality) - it also completed a grand trine with Neptune in the 2nd and Pluto in the 6th.

I think it may be a giant leap on the way to bringing most Americans into a new era in transportation.

I know that the attack on Washington is a very serious event for that time period, however, I thought a more balanced picture of the time historically could be valuable too.

The energy available currently through the Saturn/Pluto aspects should be used very wisely to say the least.

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