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DATE POSTED: 9/8/2017
NAME: Mikeseimb
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NAME: Charleskeent
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SUBJECT: Saturn-Sun-Venus
DATE POSTED: 5/30/2004
NAME: Cath
  Just to note two things: Venus rules the USA natal Saturn. She eclipses the Sun on June 8th, just three days before the conjunction of Saturn with the USA Sun, and remains in Retrograde motion until June 29th.

Second, in terms of the Saturn cycle itself, this conjunction of Saturn with the USA Sun and the squaring of Saturn to itself is a Third Quarter square, termed by Rudhyar the "crisis in consciousness" phase of the cycle. It could be considered comparable to the crisis an individual experiences around the age 49, realizing that the cycle of opportunity is waning. It is a time of dissemination of wisdom gained through hard work of the previous twenty some odd years, or the pathetic attempt to cling to or to recreate youthful attributes.

The people of the USA have much to offer to the people of the world as well as much to redress. The question is whether we now have the political will to do so. Withdrawal into our Cancerian shell will not accomplish the needed transformation. The labor of our hearts and minds, our hands and feet, is needed as never before.

Thanks for the opportunity to express these ideas that have been simmering for awhile!

SUBJECT: The Ides of June
DATE POSTED: 4/23/2004
NAME: Uranus12
  Great article - I can't wait for the next installments! I'm just concerned that this upcoming Saturn transit may be less potent than the one in 1974, since now the U.S. Sun is only getting one transit (excluding the October station), whereas back then, there were three Saturn transits. Perhaps Pluto's transit of the U.S. Mars will contribute to the unraveling of the Bush administration through new revelations regarding our military ventures. Because all the possible scandals generated by our current administration seem to greatly exceed the scope of Watergate, it seems to me that it might take a more dramatic set of transits to unravel it all. I sincerely hope that the author of this article proves me wrong.

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