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SUBJECT: Cancerian Nation ISO Crabby Hero
DATE POSTED: 12/22/2015
NAME: Kitti McConnell
  It's been 15 years since this article was posted and by golly, Trump is after the White House yet again. You called it!

The USA is a Cancer nation that often identifies with Cancer hero figures such as portrayed by Sylvester Stallone or Tom Hanks. Trump's strong Cancer aspects allow Americans to identify with him in spite of his crassness and bullying.

SUBJECT: What is the astrology info in the new Mr. Donald Trump-Melania?
DATE POSTED: 5/23/2005
NAME: Linda Ruday
  She appears to either be an Aquarius or have that detached aquarius nature somewhere...also, Virgo...I sense lots of quiet virgo. The beauty she has and quiet subservient behavior and lack of her own opinion she displays with her new husband "the Donald" could indicate some Libra...where does all this fall into his chart...she is young enough to be his daughter!

SUBJECT: Trump piece
DATE POSTED: 3/10/2000
NAME: Peter Doughty
  While well written (as is typical of Erin Sullivan's work), in the end I couldn't get away from the sense of this piece as being factually challenged (typical of the current Mercury retrograde in Pisces!). On an astrological level, I question the characterization of Trump's chart as fire-air, when it seems far more accurate to call it earth-deficient (appropriate for the Peter Pan moniker) -- especially when there are three bodies in Cancer, including the Sun sign ruler (to which I always give extra "weight").
I also found myself saying "huh?" in reference to mention of Trump's bankruptcy, and the grand statements "spectacular downfall added to his glamorous image by dint of his reclaiming his borrowing power. By being so deeply unable to pay his debts, he had more power over his creditors than they over him!" I'm not fully versed on the major facts of his public life, and it seems silly to me to assume that everyone would be.
Summary: good writing but editing needed.

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