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DATE POSTED: 10/4/2016
NAME: emsvnydx

DATE POSTED: 10/4/2016
NAME: fquqfyqo
EMAIL: sample@email.tst

SUBJECT: Wesey Clark;s birth time
DATE POSTED: 11/23/2003
NAME: Russell
  Your chart for Wesley Clark omits his birth time.

According to other websites, he was born on 23 December 1944 at 0543 Central War Time in Chicago, Illinois

SUBJECT: new infirmation
DATE POSTED: 9/16/2002
NAME: tova safra
  why you stop to give us more new articals? it is time to hear more of the new situatins, like bush and iraq, or will bush take areal step to heat iraq, I am looking evry time to read to get anew astrology unformation, with hope to something new. thank you. tova.

SUBJECT: Natural Law Party Duo Hegelin & Roth
DATE POSTED: 7/30/2000
NAME: Marybeth
  What do we know about the grass burning at the roots
of John Hegelin & Robert Roth? They are two very capable men with all of the right attitudes about leading the USA.

Does anyone have the astrological scoop on them?
Please let me know. Thanks.

SUBJECT: Canadian politicians too?
DATE POSTED: 7/7/2000
NAME: Sherrie
  I'm delighted that you are doing some articles on political astrology. As a Canadian, could you also do some articles on the main people who are in the federal arena in Canada?

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