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SUBJECT: "looney moon in cancer"
DATE POSTED: 5/31/2002
NAME: lori
  it seems odd to say a moon in cancer is "looney"...almost unprofessional to dismiss a sign like that. cancer moons are very imaginative, nurturing, sensitive among other attributes. Sharon Tate had a good amount of Cancer in her chart and so this was obviously one reason why Roman connected with her. My daughter is a Cancer Moon, rising in fact. She is highly artitistic and realy the sweetest person I've known, very sensitive and sensitive to others as well. Cancer is a wonderful sign, very rich imaginations,
very artistic. We need all of that we can get....there are less sensitive people around for sure. Roman is well known for being "Looney", ? More like, a talented ,imaginative director....also having a Cancer moon does not guarantee 100% thoughtfulness, but it certainly helps.

SUBJECT: Two Moons
DATE POSTED: 4/15/2000
NAME: Jeff Jawer
  There were two Moons in the chart, one where it should have been Mars. It's been corrected. Thanks for pointing it out.

SUBJECT: Roman Polanski
DATE POSTED: 4/14/2000
NAME: elaine nelson
  Ooops - You've got the Moon and Mars transposed - it appears.

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