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SUBJECT: hillary:
DATE POSTED: 2/12/2008
NAME: joseph
first i will say that i have been a fan of yrs since yr "retrograde planets" book, which addressed my retro pluto, saturn, neptune all at 16 degrees consecutive signs beginning w/leo, which i have never heard anyone talk about at all (thanks).... but with hillary, it seems like there is some concensus now that 8 am is more accurate, and for me much more in keeping with her ability to deal with the darker side of her husband. uranus in gemini on her asc would yield a much more eccentric, flighty personality, (freedom oriented) which she does not appear to be...with a scorpio asc it begins to make more sense....12th house sun at first put me off, but then again there's obviously large faction of secret enemies, and both gw bush and tony blair have the same, which may not bode well, but...i'm wondering who will get the nomination, and it seems like obama is better suited with strong leo sun which is aspected, but we shall see. hillary appears to be fairly (!) plutonic, if 8am is correct, which would explain her obsessive relations with power/influence. i have this dilapidated copy of a baby blue cosmobiology pluto text, which is pretty interesting in these regards....

SUBJECT: clinton? two terms of this pair was surely enough.
DATE POSTED: 5/27/2003
NAME: cris bronson
  your article states her sun is unaspected. this statement depends on the 'orb' used in defining aspects. it is within a 7 deg separating orb to uranus. also, her mercury squares the mars/pluto pair indicating that she's quite capable of 'handling the truth' to suit her purposes and it also indicates that she prefers to be obeyed.

there are better female candidates for president than this woman. for example, geraldine ferraro would have been good, barbara bush would have been impeccable ... if you want a strong woman, one with morals as opposed to one who seems not to, would make a better image for this country, or ms. dole would be a definite improvement over anything the clintons might drag through the mud back into the white house.

SUBJECT: Hillary Roadham Clinton
DATE POSTED: 2/6/2001
NAME: Nick
  Very Nice article.
6th Grader looking for info, I need the time she was born on, October 26, 1947. Please Help.


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