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DATE POSTED: 3/12/2017
NAME: Caseyunili
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DATE POSTED: 10/11/2008
NAME: Rochelle Maag
  I am a scorpio born, the 20th,11 33--and my little dog is also scorpio sun, and since pluto has been crossing forward the retrograde, now forward over my mars 0 degrees and few minutes Cap, I and my little dog have been attached by large dogs, esp. pittbulls. I have never been afraid of dogs, but with in the last year with this trasit, I have become very afraid to even take my little pooch out and down the street. I even had two jump out of a moving van window last week and launch at me, but the driver stopped and got the dogs back into the van. So as far as I am concerned, doing astrology myself, and especially my sign and the Planet Pluto, do not tell my this plant is not a major planet. My life is full of stories.
My chart has a very close likness to J. Bidens, Sun, Mercury, and 3 degress of Sat. rising.
R Maag

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