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SUBJECT: precious stones
DATE POSTED: 3/18/2006
NAME: johan
  I have a book called the healing powers of precious gemstones by Mellie uyldert.A very insightful book which also describes the relation with astrology.
Do you know this book.It is great!

SUBJECT: Crystal
DATE POSTED: 8/24/2002
NAME: beth
  The article was wonderful but I was wondering if you knew what, if any, how crystal, amathyst and citrine can effect the human body and the spirit?

SUBJECT: Reply to Jackie
DATE POSTED: 12/17/2001
NAME: jon keyes
I am sorry I didn't see your e-mail earlier. If you have any questions, please e-mail me directly at so we can talk directly. Thanks,

Jon Keyes

SUBJECT: stones
DATE POSTED: 11/13/2001
NAME: Jackie
  My husband is involved in metaphysics and astrology. I could not really understand any of this until probably it's too late. He has left me and our four children. He had given me a pink stone and a dark green stone. I did not know what they symbolized until I read this. I am really confused. Since these stones are supposed to bring such positive energies into our relationship and yet things have gone the other way. What has happened? I am really confused. He claims he has died and wants nothing else with me. Should I do something with these stones to bring back our marriage?

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