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Sunday, January 17, 2021 ó A BRIDGE TOO FAR
It might seem as if our blinders have been removed, enabling us to see past the event horizon of time and off into the distant future. The cosmos can be a strange and wonderful place today as expansive Jupiter squares electric Uranus, firing lightning bolts of awareness through our brains. The high-frequency buzz is exciting for many of us, but it could feel unsettling for others, almost like consuming too much caffeine. Hope overpowers fear if we are willing to look at life from different angles. We can visualize possibilities which did not previously exist, lifting our spirits in spite of the chaos brewing around us. Nevertheless, we are tempted to take Jupiterís inflationary potential so indiscriminately that we could quickly land ourselves in trouble. Promising less and delivering more prevents us from falling short of our commitments. Channeling our excess energy into pleasantly surprising others with small gifts or acts of service helps to redirect our focus and calm our nerves.

Our optimism may be partially skewed now, further challenging us to keep our feet on the ground and our head in the game. Itís easier to rely on our imagination than logic while the Moon visits fantasy-prone Pisces. In fact, the dreams from an early morning lunar conjunction with ethereal Neptune linger with us most of the day. We are each floating in our own surreal bubble, partially shielded from reality by our beliefs. Rather than waiting for an unpleasant wake-up call, we would be wise to preemptively perform a sobering self-assessment to help us better understand the direction we might be heading.

Our emotional and intellectual drifting will likely come to a halt when the Moon pushes her way into self-starter Aries at 11:07 pm PST. There is no reason to try to explain ourselves now, since others probably will not understand us yet. We need to rest and rejuvenate so we are ready for the rock-and-roll week ahead. Indulging in an extra dose of self-care increases our resiliency in turbulent times. Author Les Brown wrote, ďIt's better to be prepared for an opportunity and not have one, than to have an opportunity and not be prepared.Ē


Recorded on December 31, 2020 in Redmond, WA
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We are entering a new year in more ways than one. Naturally, the calendar informs us of the change, but so do the planets. The three personal planets change signs within a span of only three days, shifting our perspective in a momentís notice. Warrior Mars leaves impulsive Aries after a six-month stay, heading for the more fertile pastures of Taurus on January 6. Mercury exits stable Capricorn and enters Aquarius on January 8, reinforcing our curiosity about whatís ahead. Nevertheless, Venus enters Capricorn the same day, preventing us from completely abandoning the past. In our mad dash into the future, we canít give up on the traditions that are still relevant. The real action this month is from the clash of the fixed signs. Mars and Uranus join forces in determined Taurus on January 20. But the stress between the status quo and evolution unfolds all month as Mercury in Aquarius squares Mars on January 8, followed by Mars squaring Saturn and Jupiter in Aquarius on January 13 and January 22, respectively. Although conflict and frustration abound, our vision extends beyond our normal reach when Jupiter in Aquarius squares Uranus on January 17. It will be difficult keeping up with all the dynamic change due to the frequency and intensity of all the transits.

The transformational Capricorn New Moon on January 12 is an invitation to cut the ties that bind us to 2020. This New Moon is conjunct Pluto, as if to remind us that itís the anniversary of the Saturn-Pluto conjunction that kicked off the Never-Ending Year. Shadow work is never fun, but the payoff is in metaphysical riches. Evolutionary metamorphosis awaits us if we are willing to look under every rock, explore every cave, and dive deeply in our inner worlds. The month culminates with the Leo Full Moon on January 28. Although Venus is conjunct Pluto to remind us we cannot leave the heaviness of Capricornís issues unresolved, the Sunís conjunction with propitious Jupiter empowers us with hope for a better future. The Leo Moon encourages self-expression, especially when filled with Jupiterís optimism. Solar and lunar squares to Uranus and Mars indicate the cosmos still has a few unexpected surprises in store, but it will take time to gain perspective on the events of the month since Mercury slows down to turn retrograde on January 30.

Januaryís fast-paced planetary dynamics are complicated. Itís easy to look ahead and see how fast the changes will come. However, itís impossible to know the specifics of the upcoming events because they are taking place within the context of much larger planetary cycles that will take years to develop. Nevertheless, we have been lifted out of our old complacent world and placed on a flying carpet, weaved by the yearlong tapestry of conjunctions between Pluto, Saturn, and Jupiter. Itís a magic ride and we still donít know where it is taking us. Time will tell. In the meantime, we must keep 2020 alive as we move into the future. Slipping into denial will only land us in deeper problems down the road. But we canít stay on the road if we keep our eyes locked on the rearview mirror. Look back for the remedial lessons. Look ahead to negotiate the challenges along the way. And stay present for maximum efficiency.

~ Rick Levine

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