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We may feel disconnected from those around us today as we try to make sense of a complex situation. The moody Cancer Moon enables us to create invisible walls to ensure our emotional security. But a stressful connection between the willful Sun and surreal Neptune amplifies anxious fantasies. Nevertheless, external circumstances still demand our attention, setting up conflict between our inner and outer worlds if we fail to meet our obligations.


Hold onto Your Hat!

Mars blasts into his home sign of Aries on New Year's Eve, immediately shifting us into high gear for 2019. But our enthusiasm is checked by reality when the Sun runs into karmic Saturn on January 1. Great expectations are irrepressible as optimistic Jupiter emerges as the key player this month. The planet of bigger, better, and more bumps up against Uranus the Awakener on January 10 and Neptune the Dreamer on January 14. However, illusions precipitate down to Earth when Saturn sextiles Neptune on January 31. Meanwhile the Capricorn Solar Eclipse on January 5 and the Leo Lunar Eclipse on January 21 all but guarantee a bumpy month filled with twists, turns, and soon-to-be-revealed surprises. Note: Information on more videos by Rick Levine is at

Recorded on December 26, 2018
at SoulFood Coffeehouse in Redmond, WA

Our Changing Sky

Neptune in Pisces
Feb 3 - Mar 30, 2025


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