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10/20/19 - Venus Trine Neptune
The cosmos blesses us with a fresh start to a new week as the evocative Moon dances her way into extroverted Leo at 12:28 pm EDT. Our feelings are more transparent now as we seek ways to share them with others. However, people may only get to see our bright side as captivating Venus forms an easy trine with illusory Neptune. Although this planetary combo is perfect for conjuring up romantic fantasies, it’s also possible for our dreams to come true.



We’ve been running a full marathon, but now it begins to feel more like a sprint to the finish line. Although the Saturn-Pluto conjunction of January 12, 2020 is still three months away, these two heavyweights both move direct during October and gain speed, as they head toward their destination. On the political front, it’s as if a large iceberg has broken free, but no one yet knows its trajectory. The cosmic energies are surely more complex than they seem at first glance. These are serious times and the hand-in-hand dance of Saturn and Pluto has our attention, whether we’re looking at Presidential impeachment proceedings, the upcoming national elections, the Brexit/Parliament fiasco, the climate crisis, the Mideast tensions, the India-Pakistan disagreement, lions, and tigers and bears! Oh my! And the list continues to grow.

October doesn’t wait to reveal its intensity. An emotionally charged Venus-Pluto square on October 1 fuels Pluto’s direct turn on October 3 -- the same day that Mercury enters extreme Scorpio and Mars enters strategic Libra. Venus escapes into Scorpio on October 8, followed by the Sun on October 23. Meanwhile, an electric Venus-Uranus opposition on October 12 feeds into a brash Aries Full Moon on October 13. This New Moon squares Pluto, triggering heightened power struggles in global politics and personal relationships.

There is smoother sailing from the dreamy Mercury-Neptune trine on October 15 until the romantic Venus-Neptune trine on October 21. However, complicated earthly energies intensify again once the Sun shifts into Scorpio on October 23, along with the problematic Mars-Saturn square on October 27 that tests our patience. Thankfully, the perceptive Scorpio New Moon the same day packs a wallop because it opposes irrepressible Uranus. As if the cosmos is laughing at our dreams and false optimism, trickster Mercury grinds to a halt and begins its retrograde phase on October 31. The long and winding road ensures that we’ll need to take a few detours prior to reaching our goals.

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Recorded on September 25, 2019
in Redmond, WA

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Feb 3 - Mar 30, 2025


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