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Our approach to life may be a bit more serious today while the Moon visits responsible Capricorn. We look at the world through a practical lens now, but we’re still willing to take a calculated risk as the Moon trines wild Uranus. However, we might find it challenging to balance an urge to follow an exciting opportunity with the desire to maintain the status quo. The pressure to make an important decision grows through tomorrow’s Full Moon Eclipse.



Harnessing the brainpower of Mercury is difficult all month, since Mercury turns retrograde on July 7 and turns direct on July 31. Although the messenger planet’s backpedaling gets a bad rap, the positive aspects of this phase are discussed in detail in this month’s report. Nevertheless, we might overreact while emotions interfere with communication signals.

Venus enters receptive Cancer on July 3, followed by Mercury on July 19, retrograding from Leo back into Cancer. Mars starts the lively Leo parade on July 1, setting the tone as it roars into the sign of the lion. The Sun is next, adding its stately brilliance to the story on July 22. Romantic Venus struts her stuff on July 27 when she joins the Leo party.

Energies are polarized this month as a Cancer New Moon Eclipse on July 2 and a Capricorn Full Moon Eclipse on July 16 both emphasize the tension between the Crab and the Mountain Goat that is strengthened by the ongoing Saturn-Pluto conjunction. A third lunation, the Leo New Moon on July 31, confirms the shift from the emotional realms into the fiery realms of direct action. Change is in the air, but we might learn that satisfaction arrives slowly. We can work ourselves into a state of heightened frustration or we can accept the fact that everything in nature is on time. Sometimes, the best way to handle chaos is to go with the flow.

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Recorded on June 26, 2019
in Redmond, WA

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Feb 3 - Mar 30, 2025


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