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Although we might be ready to say yes to almost any offer that comes our way today, we could lack the motivation to follow through with our good ideas. The enterprising Aries Moon fosters impulsivity, but the Sun, Mars, and Mercury in cautious Cancer override our restlessness with rational justifications to postpone action. An unconventional Venus-Uranus aspect sharpens our senses and reveals a plethora of exciting possibilities outside of the box.



Gemini jitters prevent us from resting and relaxing, especially as we look into a future clouded with uncertainty. It is still over 6 months until the powerful Saturn-Pluto conjunction, but we are already dancing to this evolutionary planetary rhythm. June begins with an emotionally intense Venus-Pluto trine on June 2, leading into the thought-provoking Gemini New Moon on June 3. Although we may become more contemplative when Mercury enters receptive Cancer on June 4, Venus shifts into restless Gemini on June 8, reminding us that we’re not quite ready to let go of all the noise.

Anger resurfaces when warrior Mars kicks up a storm on June 14-19, opposing authoritative Saturn and relentless Pluto. Ego-centered shouting matches can be distracting with vocal Mercury in the picture. The Sagittarius Full Moon on June 17 fills our dreams with hopes, even if disillusionment follows. The Sun’s entry into Cancer on June 21 marks the Summer Solstice and the beginning of a new season Although the self-protective Crab tends to draw our energy inward, a Venus-Jupiter opposition on Jun 23 encourages overindulgence. Speedy Mercury races into showy Leo on June 26, inviting us to express what’s in our hearts. The planets convey a wide range of ups and downs this month, but the activation of Saturn and Pluto continues to bring forth significant events that inspire deep thinking as we try to solve the complex problems of our times.

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Recorded on May 29, 2019
in Redmond, WA

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Feb 3 - Mar 30, 2025


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