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Wednesday, October 28, 2020 ó UNEASY FEELING
Itís more important than ever to acknowledge our feelings and process them without impulsively reacting. Everything appears more urgent and every moment seems as if itís now or never once the Moon pushes its way into quick-tempered Aries at 4:44 am EDT. Although we may seek recognition and acceptance from others as the Moon opposes amicable Venus in social Libra, we could set our expectations so high that disappointment is likely. It can be challenging when someone elseís passions do not match up with ours, especially if we think the only sensible strategy is to persuade them to change their mind. However, we are unlikely to convince anyone to shift their position by the use of words today, no matter how rational our reasoning sounds. The Sun in shrewd Scorpio forms an awkward quincunx to wounded Chiron and the evocative Moon, tricking us into believing we have nothing in common, which is far from the truth. The fact is the tension is still building and it is easier to establish mutual understanding now than later. We must widen the angle of our vision to be more inclusive so we can create a more harmonious community, even if our views are different. Memories of past mistakes and injustices resurface, potentially triggering old wounds and personal pain. Nevertheless, we can either stay stuck in these old familiar patterns of regret or remorse or use this cosmic energy as a catalyst to transform into a better version of ourselves. Healing doesnít happen overnight, but something shifts in our hearts when we reach out to help others without any expectation on our part. Poet Dr. Maya Angelou wrote, ďIf you donít like something, change it. If you canít change it, change your attitude.Ē



Recorded on October 1, 2020 in Redmond, WA
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In a year thatís been chock full of unexpected events, plot twists have become business as usual. Breaking stories that would have created shock waves only a few short years ago now cycle in and out of our awareness so quickly that they are yesterdayís old news in the blink of an eye. Reality has grown so layered in its complexity that there is no longer a gold standard for determining the truth. But our current situation did not suddenly develop overnight. Itís been years in the making and the cosmic currents remind us that untangling the threads in the tapestry of life is also going to take time. Meanwhile, global and political conflicts mirror interpersonal dynamics, continuing to heat up as confrontational Mars grows angrier in its retrograde phase. The pressure to change is relentless as retrograde Mars continues to square the Capricorn planets: Pluto on October 9 and Jupiter on October 18. The Libra Sun squares Jupiter on the 11th, Pluto on the 15, and Saturn on the 18th. We cannot escape the intensity of these times

Although we feel as if weíre caught in a whirlpool, there are signs of forward movement now that Jupiter and Saturnís direct turn is followed by Pluto on October 4. Nevertheless, we are not out of the woods yet since trickster Mercury complicates things by turning retrograde on October 13, further empowering Mars. Mercury turns direct on November 3, which happens to be Election Day in the USA, followed by Mars on November 13. Obviously, we still have some remedial learning and backpedaling to do. Thankfully, there is some respite to all this dynamic change as Venus slips into earthy Virgo on October 2 to form smooth trines to Uranus on October 10, to Jupiter on the 19th, to Pluto on the 21st, and to Saturn on the 24th. These are moments to ground our energy by imagining practical ways to realize our favorite goals, personal or political.

We begin October with a Full Moon in Aries on October 1, and end it with a Full Moon in Taurus on October 31. Both of the Full Moons have intense Uranus connections. The Sun is quincunx Uranus at the Aries Full Moon, and the Taurus Full Moon is conjunct wildcard Uranus. We are empowered to come up with breakthrough new solutions to old problems. Due to the Mercury retrograde, our intellect is stimulated by its exact oppositions to Uranus on October 7 and October 19, with a third and final contact on November 7. All in all, we would be wise to expect the unexpected, as if there was a way to actually do that! Naturally, we cannot create contingency plans for possibilities we cannot imagine. But we can strengthen our support networks, build our immune systems, and conserve our energy by making conscious choices. Our behavior on the calm days determines the choices available to us in the midst of cosmic storms. There is light at the end of the tunnel, but we still have some surprises in store that could significantly modify our long-term plans. Practice flexibility, think cosmically, and act locally.

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~ Rick Levine

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