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Although the reflective Cancer Moon encourages contemplation, her oppositions to somber Saturn, potent Pluto, and needy Venus trigger issues in relationships. Our vulnerability invites people into our personal space but once someone is close, the connection may not match our expectations. Nevertheless, the emotional conversations that ensue become fuel for our growth. Our focus widens once the Moon prances into extroverted Leo at 10:55 pm EST.



Thereís little doubt that these are strange times. Thereís also little doubt that these times will get stranger before the intense energy calms down. We are on a one-way superhighway, heading toward the first of three Saturn-Pluto conjunctions this century. Nowhere on the planet is safe from the shifting sands of time as the Grim Reaper heads into his final days of preparation for a meeting in Capricorn with the Lord of the Hell Realms on January 12, 2020. Meanwhile, the planets cluster in serious Capricorn as Jupiter enters the sign of the Goat on December 2, followed by the Sun on December 21 (the Solstice), and Mercury on December 28. Foundations will continue to crumble; structures are being tested. We get some vision when Mercury enters farseeing Sagittarius on December 9 and when Venus steps boldly into futuristic Aquarius on December 19. Additionally, Jupiterís trine to Uranus can open minds and widen perspective. This expansion is corroborated by the Sunís trine to Uranus on December 24, followed by Mercuryís trine on December 30.

However, there is an undertow with so many planets moving through somber Capricorn. Additionally, Venus joins up with constrictive Saturn and potent Pluto on December 11-13. Hard work creates results when energetic Mars forms a cooperative sextile to Saturn on December 19 and to Pluto on December 22.

The Gemini Full Moon on December 11 stretches information distribution and assimilation to the max. We are overwhelmed, yet imagination creates a path toward the resolution of the data overload. The Capricorn New Moon on December 25/26 is an Annular Solar Eclipse. This tipping point is the eye of the needle through which we all must traverse, with no way home. We are being pushed relentlessly into a new world, whether or not we are willing travelers. Thankfully, the eclipse is conjunct Jupiter and trine Uranus, revealing the truths we so desperately need at this time in our earthly journey.

I would like to thank my loyal viewers for joining me on this powerful ride. Whatever end-of-year rituals you choose to honor, may they bring you the perspective you need to move gracefully through these times with awareness, compassion, and kindness! May the Season of Peace (however filled with conflict it may be) bring us all closer to the world we wish this world to be!

Think Cosmically; Act Locally.
Rick Levine

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Recorded on November 27, 2019
in Ubud, Bali, Indonesia

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Feb 3 - Mar 30, 2025


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