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Monday, September 21, 2020 — READY TO JUMP
We are precariously close to the edge of something big. One moment we are fearful of tomorrow, preferring to return to the imagined safety of the past, even if it only exists in our fantasies. The next moment we are excited about the future, impatiently trying to break free from the current stagnation. We wonder if we’re on the cusp of Utopia or oblivion. Although the unfolding of time has no guarantees we might begin the day with a glimpse of hope while the transformational Scorpio Moon receives cooperation from evolutionary Pluto, karmic Saturn, and the willful Sun. But we can overdo the blind optimism when the Moon soars into inspirational Sagittarius at 3:31 pm EDT. Finding that delicate balance between positivity and delusion is even more challenging while lovely Venus forms an uncomfortable misalignment with exaggerating Jupiter. Paradoxically, difficulties could arise if we are singularly driven toward the light. We may be so committed to walking on the sunny side of the street that we miss a significant opportunity that’s lurking in the shadows. Our current work is in the fine-tuning of our perceptions on this last day of the Sun’s visit to exacting Virgo. Ultimately, no one else can change our minds; we do it ourselves. Actor and director Morgan Freeman said, “If you see it differently, function that way. Follow your own muse, always.”



Recorded on August 31, 2020 in Redmond, WA
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Everything seems more urgent than ever. Too many of us feel pushed to our limits and are ready to do something drastic to rectify whatever situation gets our goat. However, warrior Mars crosses swords with authoritarian Saturn throughout the entire month of September, thwarting our best efforts and forcing us to cool our jets. Mars in impulsive Aries turns retrograde on September 9 for two months, intensifying our survival instincts and amplifying our assertive and aggressive behavior. Nevertheless, it's more important than ever to focus on the long-term strategy, even when the temptation of immediate gratification is strong.

The visionary Pisces Full Moon on September 1 pits our creative imagination against mundane reality. Communication is the key to resolving tensions, but we must be daring and willing to break with convention to find answers to the questions of these times. The pragmatic Virgo New Moon on September 17 rewards focused thinking. The more specific our intentions are, the greater the potential rewards. Paradoxically, although small is beautiful, big changes are likely if we can stay on task.

Meanwhile, two of the three heavyweight planets end their retrograde phase, revealing a loosening of the ties that continue to bind us to the past. Journeying Jupiter turns direct on September 12, followed by austere Saturn on September 28. The feeling that progress is finally within reach only exacerbates the frustration of the Mars retrograde and its lingering square to restrictive Saturn. But we can see forward movement when mental Mercury enters fair-minded Libra on September 5, followed by gracious Venus entering dramatic Leo on September 6. Energy is flowing outward, although not as fast as we wish. The Sun's shift into Libra on September 22 marks the Autumnal Equinox, encouraging us to seek balance in relationships, thoughts and all interactions. We lose a bit of our sense of fair play because we want results once Mercury enters extreme Scorpio on September 27.

All in all, we could be pleased with the little movement we experience, but a series of irritating quincunxes pepper the second half of the month. Short fuses encourage quick reactions to salve our petty annoyances and deep assaults on our values. But there's no quick and easy way out of the current mire. We must pay attention and keep reminding ourselves not to fall victim of circumstantial entrapment. Energy management is critical because we can't just deny our anger; we must find ways to keep our emotions flowing while practicing patience.

As always, think cosmically and act locally. And please share this with others who may benefit from this perspective. ~ Rick Levine

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RAM DASS: An Astrological Celebration.

Harvard psychology professor Dr. Richard Alpert morphed into pragmatic mystic and guru Ram Dass, wrote the seminal "Be Here Now," and aged like a fine wine into one of the most influential spiritual teachers of our times. This video untangles his natal chart while elucidating some of the important themes of his life. Thanks to my PATREON supporters for making videos like this possible.

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