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Cosmic Cafe's roving Cosmic Correspondent
Kim Rogers-Gallagher has been invited to the planets' secret hangout. She's the first astrologer to enter this starry domain, and will report regularly on her findings there. Kim is a well known columnist, lecturer and author of Astrology for the Light Side of the Brain and Astrology for the Light Side of the Future (ACS Publications). You can reach Kim by email.

Read the entire Cosmic Cafe saga.

Cosmic Cafe 1
Our Cosmic Correspondent gets the stellar skinny straight from the planets' mouths. 11/10/1999
Cosmic Cafe 2
Kim meets Venus while she's traveling through Virgo. It's a PG event. 1/16/2000
Cosmic Cafe 3
Saturn enters the scene. 1/17/2000
Cosmic Cafe 4
Kim watches Jupiter and Venus. 1/23/2000
Cosmic Cafe 5
Kim connects with Mercury. 1/30/2000
Cosmic Cafe 6
StarIQ correspondent Kim Rogers-Gallagher gets the run-down on why she was invited to the Cosmic Cafe. 2/6/2000
Cosmic Cafe 7
Uranus enters the Cosmic Cafe and takes StarIQ correspondent Kim Rogers-Gallagher on a magic carpet ride. 2/13/2000
Cosmic Cafe 8
Kim's magic carpet ride transit with Uranus brings her plenty of surprises—but that's what Uranus is all about, isn't it? 2/27/2000
Cosmic Cafe 9
Our intrepid astrological reporter meets Saturn, planet of time, rules, limits and respect. She's trying to be on her best behavior. 3/5/2000
Cosmic Cafe 10
Cosmic Kim experiences a Mercury retrograde as she's leaving the Cosmic Cafe for a well-earned nap. 3/12/2000
Cosmic Cafe 11
Neptune sends Kim sweet dreams of romantic times past in the Middle Ages, but Mars has other ideas. 3/19/2000
Cosmic Cafe 12
Kim gets Mercury's message and goes to meet Saturn. 3/26/2000
Cosmic Cafe 13
After much procrastination, Kim finally goes toe-to-toe with Saturn, who turns out to be not so bad after all. 4/2/2000
Cosmic Cafe 14
Saturn invites Kim to have tea in her garden, and asks our intrepid reporter to spread some positive PR about rules and boundaries. 4/9/2000
Cosmic Cafe 15
Kim returns to the Cafe to have a chat with Jupiter and meets Venus in her Aries costume. 4/15/2000
Cosmic Cafe 16
Kim finally gets to meet the Moon and bonds with Venus over shots. 4/23/2000
Cosmic Cafe 17
Kim and Venus spend some serious girlfriend time talking about Mars. 4/30/2000
Cosmic Cafe 18
Cosmic Correspondent Kim has lunch at the Café with the Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Neptune. 5/8/2000
Cosmic Cafe 19
Kim takes notes as Mars in Taurus and Venus in Aries share a mutual reception. 5/14/2000
Cosmic Cafe 20
Kim is taken on a mysterious ride by none other than Pluto himself. 5/21/2000
Cosmic Cafe 21
Kim goes on a magical mystery tour with Pluto, The Lord of Darkness. Our intrepid correspondent gives her all to get the story. 5/28/2000
Cosmic Cafe 22
Kim continues her journey with Pluto through the underbelly of the back alleys and posh restaurants of Washingon, D.C. 6/4/2000
Cosmic Cafe 23
Kim learns the true meaning of power, obsession and surrender, and then Pluto invites her up for a drink. 6/11/2000
Cosmic Cafe 24
Jupiter and Saturn team up to take Kim on a mystery vacation as a reward for her hard work. 6/18/2000
Cosmic Cafe 25
Jupiter and Kim take a cab to the airport to begin their fabulous trip to Europe. 6/25/2000
Cosmic Cafe 26
Kim flies first class to Zurich, Switzerland with Jupiter who makes sure that a good time is had by all. 7/2/2000
Cosmic Cafe 27
Kim and Jupiter party down on their flight to Europe. 7/9/2000
Cosmic Cafe 28
Uncle Jupiter takes Kim on a shopping spree for new clothes and makes a quick change of his own. 7/23/2000
Cosmic Cafe 29
Jupiter, clad in his Gemini suit, takes our intrepid reporter on a whirlwind tour of the Swiss mountains. 7/30/2000
Cosmic Cafe 30
Jupiter and Kim take a train (with a luxury suite designed by Venus in Leo) to meet Neptune in Amsterdam, where conjunctions between Jupiter (excess) and Neptune (altered states) are actually legal. 8/13/2000
Cosmic Cafe 31
Kim indulges in a Jupiter-Neptune experience in Amsterdam, but doesn't inhale...much. 8/20/2000
Cosmic Cafe 32
Kim returns home—without an airplane—and finds Saturn waiting for her with a stern talking-to. 9/3/2000
Cosmic Cafe 33
Saturn doles out some discipline to Kim, who learns to "work through the pain." 9/17/2000
Cosmic Cafe 34
Kim is invited for another dinner at the Cafe where she meets the Moon in a new guise, and Mars and Venus show her a living, breathing example of a sextile. 10/1/2000
Cosmic Cafe 35
The Sun graces Kim and the gang at the Cafe with his presence. 10/8/2000
Cosmic Cafe 36
Kim witnesses firsthand the true relationship between the Sun and the Moon. 10/15/2000
Cosmic Cafe 37
Kim is cared for by the super-attractive cosmic couple: Venus and Mars. 10/22/2000
Cosmic Cafe 38
Kim meets Mercury in his Scorpio outfit and finds out what it looks like when Jupiter gets mad. 10/29/2000
Cosmic Cafe 39
Kim watches as the battle between Jupiter and Saturn becomes more heated, the Moon gets upset and Mars wants in on the action. 11/5/2000
Cosmic Cafe Special Edition: Election Night
Kim meets the president and George Bush senior at the election night party at the Café and Jupiter gives Kim his predictions. 11/7/2000
Cosmic Cafe 40
Kim gets her question about who wins in a battle between Mars and Saturn answered. 11/13/2000
Cosmic Cafe 41
Kim listens as the planets talk politics at Thanksgiving dinner. 11/19/2000
Cosmic Cafe 42
Thanksgiving dinner continues as the planets throw Kim a surprise birthday party complete with presents from everyone. 11/26/2000
Cosmic Cafe 43
Kim witnesses Venus in Aquarius in action and talks to Mercury about his role in the election. 12/10/2000
Cosmic Cafe 44
Kim drinks spiked eggnog and discusses the on-going election drama with Mercury. 12/17/2000
Cosmic Cafe 45
Kim takes notes as Pluto tells the gang at the Café what needs to be done to heal the divisions caused by the presidential election. 12/24/2000
Cosmic Cafe 46
Kim goes looking for Mars in Scorpio to get some advice. 1/7/2001
Cosmic Cafe 47
Kim unwittingly conjures some dangerous fun with a little help from her friends on her Mars birthday. 1/21/2001
Cosmic Cafe 48
Mars in sexy Scorpio suggests a game of "truth or dare" to Kim and Venus. Will Kim make herself vulnerable by baring her soul to the warrior planet? 2/11/2001
Cosmic Cafe 49
Kim gets caught in the crossfire as Venus in fiery Aries vents her fury on a forgetful Mars in Sagittarius. 3/11/2001
Cosmic Cafe 50
StarIQ's planetary reporter is in the midst of the action as Venus in Aries instantaneously gets over her anger with Mars. 4/1/2001
Cosmic Cafe 51
Venus and Mars, in enthusiastic fire signs, plan a romantic vacation together. But will serious and restrictive Saturn spoil the fun? 4/15/2001
Cosmic Cafe 52
Kim listens in as the planets team up to get their jobs done quickly after Saturn gives them all a lecture on responsibility and discipline. 4/29/2001
Cosmic Cafe 53
The planets have all agreed to help each other finish up their work for Saturn but Kim witnesses first hand why cunning Mercury is known as "The Trickster." 5/7/2001
Cosmic Cafe 54
Jupiter refuses to ask for Saturn's help in talking to President Bush and then, in typical Gemini fashion, changes his mind. 5/13/2001
Cosmic Cafe 55
Kim uncovers the story that the shift of power in the United States Senate was due to the intervention of Mercury and Mars, with a push from Jupiter. 5/27/2001

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