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Mars in Aquarius: The Different Drum
by Jeff Jawer
Active Mars' entry into innovative Aquarius on December 4 frees us to break habits and invent new ways to play and to take care of business. 12/1/2014
The Sun-Uranus Reactionary
by Glenn Perry
Political reactionaries Pat Buchanan, Joerg Haider and Slobadan Milosevic have strong ties between the Sun and rebellious Uranus in their birthcharts. 12/28/2013
Presidents and Neptune
by Ed Tamplin
Dick Cheney, Atypical Aquarius
by Jeff Jawer
Dick Cheney is an Aquarius with the Moon in sensitive Pisces who doesn't fit our conventional ideas about these idealistic signs. 7/14/2009
Soul-Sick Nation
by Katherine James
Astrologer Jessica Murray's new book, an in-depth astro-analysis of the United States, is reviewed by Katherine James. 1/26/2007
Condoleezza: Give Peace a Chance
by Ed Tamplin
Global Corporations & Territorial Imperative
by Robert Gover
Bayou Blues
by Judith Goldberg
Social Security and Murphy's Law
by Robert Gover
Mercury, Pluto and the Vote Count
by Robert Gover
Election 2004
by Ed Tamplin
Election in Oz 2004
by Ed Tamplin
The Meme is the Message
by Judith Goldberg
Polarized Politics
by John Whalen
Farewell to the Fortieth, Part 2
by Judith Goldberg
Farewell to the Fortieth
by Judith Goldberg
Tecumseh's Curse
by Ken Kalb
Zhu Di to G. Bush
by Robert Gover
Australia: Birth of a Nation
by Ed Tamplin
Ides of June, Part 1
by Henry Seltzer
Ides of June, Part 2
by Henry Seltzer
Ides of June, Part 3
by Henry Seltzer
Richard Clarke: Pluto Meets Chiron
by Isabelle Ghanah
Pluto Charged Politics
by Ken Kalb
Class War
by Robert Gover
Saturn and the Vanquishing of Illusion
by John Whalen
War Fever
by Robert Gover
America's wars have corresponded with outer planet transits to significant points in the United States chart. 10/3/2002
Astrological Secrets of Washington, DC
by Pythia Peay
Horoscopes cast for government buildings and numerous public zodiacs as well as astrological motifs indicate knowledge and use of astrology by the nation's founders. 9/19/2001
Battlefield: Education
by Courtney Roberts Conrad
The education signs of Gemini and Sagittarius are currently seeing quite a bit of astrological action, provoking hot debates over public education and who is going to pay for it. 4/17/2001
Standoff in China: Problem or Opportunity?
by Courtney Roberts Conrad
The Bush administration is facing its first foreign policy crisis with the recent collision and landing of a spy plane in China. The birth charts of the U.S. and China offer insights into their challenging relationship. 4/6/2001
Jesse Jackson: Saint or Sinner?
by Ronnie Dreyer
Jesse Jackson's horoscope reveals a conflict between his public reputation and his private behavior. This Libra is both a dedicated crusader for humanitarian causes, and a man driven by his own powerful desires. 2/27/2001
John Ashcroft: The Political Roller Coaster
by Bill Streett
Attorney General John Ashcroft has sworn to impartially uphold the law even when it contradicts his personal morals. His horoscope suggests that he can expect to be challenged on this point. 2/25/2001
George W. Bush: The Next Four Years
by Kim Rogers-Gallagher
George W. Bush may have finally claimed the U.S. presidency after a long post-election struggle, but a look at his horoscope shows this Cancer's troubles may be far from over. 1/20/2001
Bill Clinton Returns to Private Life
by Courtney Roberts Conrad
Bill Clinton re-enters private life after eight years on the national stage. While he will enjoy his new freedom, shocks from the planet Uranus could bring challenges to his home and family life. 1/19/2001
Laura Bush: First Lady of His Heart
by Madalyn Hillis-Dineen
Like the First Lady before her, Laura Bush is a Scorpio with the Moon in Pisces. She may avoid the spotlight, but it is clear from her horoscope that she will subtly influence her husband and the nation. 1/18/2001
General Colin Powell: An Aries With a Mission
by Kim Rogers-Gallagher
General Colin Powell has earned the respect and confidence of Democrats and Republicans alike. His horoscope shows why this strong yet kind-hearted Aries may be the real "uniter" in the Bush cabinet. 1/17/2001
Washington's Astrological Secrets
by Marcia Masino
Horoscopes cast for government buildings and numerous public zodiacs as well as astrological motifs indicate knowledge and use of astrology by the nation's founders. 1/15/2001
Washington's Astrological Secrets
by Marcia Masino
Horoscopes cast for government buildings and numerous public zodiacs as well as astrological motifs indicate knowledge and use of astrology by the nation's founders. 1/15/2001
Martin Luther King Jr.: In the Name of Love
by Courtney Roberts Conrad
Martin Luther King's horoscope reveals the blending of Capricorn ambition with Pisces compassion that radically changed American society and is making his dream come true. 1/14/2001
2001 Astrologers' Predictions
by StarIQ Writers
What does the year ahead hold for us? What about the economy? The market? Politics? Personal issues? See what leading astrologers have to say about the coming year. 12/26/2000
Uranus Rocks the Presidency
by Courtney Roberts Conrad
Something strange is afflicting the executive office. The usual suspect in all things unusual is the planet Uranus. 11/24/2000
Election 2000: Who Will Win?
by StarIQ
Who will be the next U.S. president? Take a look at the predictions of some well-known astrologers for what may turn out to be one of the closest presidential races ever. 11/2/2000
Presidential Election
by StarIQ Writers
Here is a collection of StarIQ articles on the candidates for the 2000 U.S. presidential election. 10/27/2000
Rick Lazio: Still a Mystery
by Ronnie Dreyer
Rick Lazio has replaced Rudy Giuliani as the Republican candidate in the New York Senatorial race. An elusive Pisces, he has left many New Yorkers wondering what he's really like. 10/26/2000
Bush and Cheney: A Promising Partnership
by Sharyn Smith
George W. Bush has chosen Dick Cheney as his running-mate in the presidential election. Astrology sheds light on how these two may work together if they win. 10/19/2000
Gore and Bush: Does It Really Matter?
by Madalyn Hillis-Dineen
For many voters, Gore and Bush are interchangable. What do their horoscopes tell us about their similarities and differences and how they relate to each other? 10/12/2000
Bias in the Bureau of Indian Affairs
by Philip Sedgwick
After over 150 years of harmful policies, Saturn and Jupiter prompt the Bureau of Indian Affairs to apologize and renew their mission. 10/10/2000
Ralph Nader: Green for the Red, White and Blue
by Philip Sedgwick
Will one of the alternate party candidates get your vote? Yes, there are alternatives to the big two. In fact, Ralph Nader turns the other guys green with his difficult questions. 9/14/2000
The Vice President: More Important Than You Think
by Mary Ursettie
How important is the office of vice president? It could be crucial, since this year brings the return of the twenty-year Jupiter-Saturn cycle that coincides with U.S. presidents not finishing their final term in office. 9/7/2000
Yasser, Ehud, Can We Talk?
by John M. Whalen
This fall's Jupiter-Pluto opposition may play a big role in talks between Israel and the Palestinians. 8/31/2000
Richard Cheney: A Saturn-Ruled Aquarian
by Pat Lantz
Astrology confirms vice-presidential nominee Richard Cheney’s conservative stance and his belief in traditional American values, yet it also reveals the compassion in his nature. 8/24/2000
Joseph Lieberman in the Spotlight
by Courtney Roberts Conrad
The spotlight is on Senator Joseph Lieberman, Al Gore's newly-announced running mate. Is this spiritual Pisces ready for the White House? 8/17/2000
Al Gore: The Fortunate Son
by Madalyn Hillis Dineen
Al Gore has spent his whole life preparing to be president, but, with Neptune opposed his Sun, what do we really know about this "fortunate son?" 8/15/2000
Bill Clinton Bares His Soul
by Bil Tierney
Religious Jupiter is transiting Bill Clinton's Ninth House as he speaks to an audience of clergy about his period of soul-searching following the sex scandal that almost cost him his job. 8/11/2000
Joseph Lieberman Natal Chart
by Jeff Jawer
Jupiter and Saturn met on Senator Joseph Lieberman's birth Saturn only weeks before his selection as Al Gore's running mate. 8/7/2000
Kathleen Kennedy Townsend: Echoes of Camelot
by Pat Lantz
Kathleen Kennedy Townsend has been named as a possible running mate for Al Gore. Could this mega-Cancer soften Gore's image? 8/3/2000
Fidel Castro: Bearding the Lion
by Courtney Roberts Conrad
Despite every attempt to assassinate, overthrow and undercut him, Fidel Castro is still going strong. Forget those people on that other island—this Leo is the real "survivor." 7/13/2000
Rudy, Rudy, Rudy!
by Dorothy Kovach
Facing his own mortality, New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani’s recent diagnosis of prostrate cancer has brought out the unlikely rebel in his astrological chart. 6/7/2000
Ronald Reagan: Bedtime for Bonzo
by Erin Sullivan
Ronald Reagan's term on this planet is almost up. His policies, shown in his birth chart, are part of U.S. history. 4/27/2000
Hillary Clinton: By Herself
by Erin Sullivan
Most people have strongly polarized feelings about Hillary Rodham Clinton. Hillary's birthchart is also polarized between independence and loyalty. 4/13/2000
Jefferson and Clinton: Saints or Sinners?
by Pat Lantz
Bill Clinton is preparing to leave office. Will history be as kind to him as it has been to his favorite Aries founding father, Thomas Jefferson? 4/6/2000
Vladimir Putin: Russia Elects a Libra Leader
by Erin Sullivan
Vladimir Putin, the new president of Russia, has four planets in Libra, the sign that strives for balance. What kind of leader will he be? 3/30/2000
George W. Bush: Not a Greek God, an American Icon
by Erin Sullivan
Is George W. Bush merely the shadow of his father, or can he forge a separate identity and win the presidential election? 3/16/2000
John McCain's Short Fuse
by Rowena Wall
John McCain has a reputation for a quick temper and a volatile Mars-Uranus combination. Will this hurt his chances to become president? 1/20/2000
Bradley's Campaign Skips a Beat
by David R. Railey
Bill Bradley is looking good despite his recent hospital stay. Will heart troubles derail the Leo candidate? 12/29/1999
Bill Bradley: A Humble Leo
by David R. Railey
Leo presidential candidate Bill Bradley has found success in sports, academia and politics, yet still comes across like a regular guy. 11/19/1999
Al Gore: A Wooden Aries
by David Railey
Aries Al isn't a typical Ram. His Moon and Mercury tell the rest of the tale. 11/4/1999
The Art of (Non) Communication
by Jeff Jawer
Bill Clinton and G. W. Bush: Leaders are a reflection of the people they lead. Their public stories reveal our private secrets. 10/20/1999

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