Drew Barrymore Sample Report
February 22, 1975, 11:22 am
Culver City, California

February 9 through February 15, 2001

A weekly update with upcoming relationship cycles will be emailed every Wednesday. This sample is for the first week's LoveCycles.

Welcome to LoveCycles

This personal guide describes your fundamental partnership issues and provides a detailed look at relationship cycles for the next 60 days.

  • This first report describes your basic relationship patterns in Your Personal Venus, long-term cycles and immediate short-term activities.
  • Your LoveCycles emails will be delivered every Wednesday. This first report includes information on your core relationship patterns and current long-term and short-term cycles. Your next email will begin where this one ends and you will continue to receive weekly emails for the next 60-days (8 weeks).

LoveCycles will help you to maximize opportunities and minimize conflicts in making positive connections to others, and with your own heart. The planet Venus is the astrological key to understanding love and relationships. Its cycles and position in your birth chart are the core of this guide.

LoveCycles is written by professional astrologer Jill Dearman, with additional text by StarIQ co-founder Jeff Jawer, and is based on your unique date, time and place of birth.

Your Personal Venus

This section describes the ways that Venus reveals fundamental relationship issues in your birth chart. Venus shows her personality by sign. Venus is also described by house (the places you are most comfortable teaching and learning the lessons of love) and through its relationships with other planets, which act as supportive or challenging factors. 

  • Venus' sign describes how you are best able to give and receive love, enjoy life's pleasures and make connections with others.
  • Venus' house describes the environments that are most conducive to your positive relationship experiences.
  • Supportive factors are planets that are harmoniously aligned with your birth Venus and add value to your relationships.
  • Challenging factors are planets that stress your Venus and show the kinds of adjustments that are needed to smooth love's path.

Venus in Pisces

Your gift for empathy is a bottomless well. You truly understand the meaning of the term "unconditional love" and want to be appreciated as a person who gives without having to be asked first. Your dreamy nature makes you romantic, imaginative and even gullible at times. But the beauty of your heart is that you'd rather trust too much than withhold trust and love out of fear and pettiness. You are so in touch with the great poets' concept of love as selflessly given, that the spirit world has given you the gifts of wisdom and natural psychic ability. You need a sympathetic partner who shares your dreams and ideals. The right person has a strong imagination and understanding of the inspirational nature of love. Your primary challenge is to choose your loved ones wisely and to learn from past experiences. By consciously trying to separate fantasy from reality you can live happily in both those worlds.

Venus in Tenth House

You come to life when you are focusing on your career and place in the world. Work makes you feel connected to the rest of humanity. Although personal love is appreciated, it's respect for your public persona that really rings your bells. That's why a job or community activity that brings you great enjoyment is so important. Without this pleasurable public connection, personal relationships may suffer. With it, love flows more freely to and from your heart.

Other Factors

Love doesn't exist in a vacuum. Other drives and urges are going to support or challenge you in relationships. Supportive patterns generally work in the background, making it easy to blend different needs or habit. Challenging ones are often the major stumbling blocks on the road to love. They often reflect family patterns that have been in effect since childhood. Awareness of these, however, can be a powerful way to transform them, clearing the way to successful partnerships.

Supportive Factors

Jupiter Conjunct Venus
  Jupiter gives you great generosity and an open heart, free from prejudice. You are hopeful about love and relationships, for the most part, even when the going gets tough. Just remember that sometimes you have to work hard to keep love's fires burning. You do have to put in extra effort when things are going your way. You can be lucky for the people you meet, especially those from different cultural backgrounds than your own, and they are often lucky for you. Your love of learning keeps you forever young.

Current Cycles

These show you the changing patterns of challenge, opportunity, circumstances and moods that you will encounter in your relationships. These are based on the connections between the planets as they move through the sky (called transits) and those in your birth chart.

  • Long-term Cycles are the major trends that are working to shape your current relationship issues. Some pass in a month, others can last up to two years.
  • Short-term Cycles last anywhere from a couple of hours (for the Moon) to several days. When these correspond to long-term cycles or core patterns, their effects are likely to be stronger. When they differ from these patterns, their influences may pass more quickly and will tend to be less obvious.


You may have planetary placements that seem to contradict one another. Needs are not always consistent. Sometimes we want security, sometimes stimulation, sometimes a bit of both. We have all experienced mixed periods of time in which great happiness occurs in close proximity to moments of stress or challenge. When contradicting cycles arise, the longer one tends to be stronger. LoveCycles is designed to raise your self-awareness. The more conscious you are, the more choices you have to enhance the quality of your life.

Busy Times

These are important clues to understanding your relationships. Note when there are clusters of contacts during a particular day or week. The more items mentioned in this report, the more likely that this will be a busy time for you. If you have several contacts from the same planet, this will "color" the period with the quality of that planet. For example, if you have several Mars contacts in a single week, expect initiative, assertion and impatience (Mars qualities) to be more evident at that time.

***** All astrological events are not equally significant.

Generally, longer lasting cycles are more important then shorter ones. Certain planetary combinations may be more obvious to you than others. LoveCycles uses a system of stars or asterisks ranging from none (least significant) to five (most significant). Pay particular attention to clusters of contacts which indicate higher levels of relationship activity.

Long-term Cycles

This section includes contacts (called "transits") from Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto to Venus in you birth chart and other points relevant to your LoveCycles. Significant transits are displayed for up to one year before and after the present to provide a broad framework for understanding your major relationships issues at this time in your life. These transits can repeat up to three times within an eighteen-month period. If so, they operate as strong background forces from the first month to the last. However, their influences are likely to be more noticeable during the months of direct contact listed below.

(Exact on May 27 and November 6, 2000)
***** Pluto Conjunct the Descendant   ---->   Transforming Relationships

  You are beginning a period of deep transformation in the realm of relationships. Dealing with issues of power and control is likely to grow more important at this time. This can push some partnerships to the limit, but it is necessary to take a good, hard look at them to decide if the return you're getting is worth the price that you're paying. Sometimes you have to let go of something (or someone) to get something better. Trust your desires, even if it makes you uncomfortable to see them. You don't have to act on every one, but knowing what you really want can help you build a solid foundation for creating more enriching relationships in the future.

(Exact on July 29, October 27, 2000 and April 14, 2001)
**** Saturn Sextile Venus   ---->   Maturity in Relationships

  This is a time of maturity and stability in relationships. Even if the outside conditions are difficult, you have a good sense of what's best for you and are able to act on it. You are likely to attract people to you who have their feet on the ground and put safety and security before excitement and adventure. You know how to effectively evaluate people and things at this time. There's an air of protection that keeps you from making bad choices or investing time, energy or your heart in foolish ways. People trust you now and you deserve it. You can be relied on to make wise decisions that don't kill the fun and can ensure sure that it will last for a good, long time.

(Exact on July 31, November 29, 2000 and March 21, 2001)
**** Jupiter Conjunct South Node   ---->   Big Promises

  Excessive behavior, like burning the candle at both ends, could catch up with you. You may have to force yourself to get focused on a goal, and to prioritize what relationships to put your energy into. You could attract some promising people who may not live up to your expectations. Temper hope with patience to avoid disappointment.

(Exact on June 6, 2001)
***** Saturn Conjunct South Node   ---->   Learning Love's Lessons

  It's possible to attract someone who is harsh or unforgiving with you at this time. Therefore, take the judgment of others with a grain of salt now. This is your chance to see old relationship patterns at work, not to blame yourself, but to change them once and for all. Someone may need to leave your life so that you can move on to more rewarding connections with others.

(Exact on July 9, 2001)
**** Jupiter Square Venus   ---->   Going Too Far

  The challenge now is to open your heart without losing your sense of balance. It's easy to overestimate someone else at this time. You may extend yourself too much with another person by offering more than you really should give. Sure, you should take some risks to expand the boundaries of relationships. But you may wind up putting too much time, energy and hope into a situation that may not pay off. The idea, then, is to stretch, but not too much. Try different kinds of people, tastes and experiences; just don't lose your sense of proportion. This can be a rewarding time if you are able to take things lightly. It's a period of exploration, rather than conquest. Not having all the answers, or even the right one, doesn't mean that you are wrong; it just means that you are still learning.

Short-term Cycles

The times and dates listed are the peak moments of influence for each planetary event. These are the central points for cycles that vary in length for each planet. Those of Mercury, Venus and the Sun tend to last about two days. Contacts from Mars last up to four days. The Moon's influence will last up to about four hours, but passes quickly and may sometimes go unnoticed. Other times, however, the Moon can trigger off the stronger influences of the slower moving planets and correspond with highly meaningful events.

Moon through the Houses

The Moon passes through a different house (area of life activity) every one to four days. The Moon represents our emotional nature; the way we feel things. As the Moon moves around the chart certain areas of life and parts of the psyche become filled with more feeling than usual. Although moods may swing high and low, we can all be thankful that we have so many rich emotions to feel! Rather than look to the "outer" during Moon transits, it's best to search for answers within our own hearts.

February 9 - 13

* Moon Opposite Venus   ---->   Different Strokes

  You may connect with someone whose style of relating is very different than your own. There are more colors in your emotional palette than you realize. You are highly sensitive to the responses of others now. Open your heart and overcome the fear of criticism.

Moon in the Fifth House   ---->   Time to Play

  Playfulness is highlighted now. Acting like a kid and encouraging others to do the same has a fantastic ripple effect in your life and on your heart. It's okay to be a little more dramatic now than during other times. Your spirit of creativity and sense of romance come alive during this cycle!

Moon Conjunct Pluto in the Fifth House   ---->   Transforming Fears

  Intense feelings lie just below the surface. Delve into your own psyche and create something meaningful from the raw material you uncover there. You can turn darkness into light by facing your fears and extracting that core of desire that shows you what you really need. Extreme emotions may not be comfortable, but they do have a way of awakening you to the truth.

Moon Conjunct Uranus in the Fifth House   ---->   Try Something Different

  Emotional impulses are powerful now. Try something unusual to spark your creativity. Don't just seek out uncharted terrain-create it. Your best forms of self-expression will shake people up, in a productive, thought-provoking way.

Moon in the Sixth House   ---->   Working at It

  Give yourself a routine and stick to it. You operate well when you take projects one task at a time. Taking care of work and unfinished tasks requires much of your attention. Your body can give you clues about how to deal with your feelings and the outside world. Moderate exercise and meditation bring you a sense of connection to yourself and to the universe.

** Venus Opposite Pluto   ---->   Leaving the Past Behind

  You may feel torn between opposing situations or very different partners. Move toward growth and healing, and away from chaos and self-destructive behaviors. Themes of jealousy and seduction may be present, but are there to help you change. You have a chance to leave the past behind while still remembering the lessons you've learned.

February 14 - 20

Moon Trine Venus   ---->   Simple Pleasures

  Pleasure flows easily now. Enjoy the relationships in your life and take them at face value. The simple things in life bring the most joy. You could discover a gift for giving and a gift for the arts within yourself during this time. Just because something is easy doesn't mean it isn't valuable.

Moon Conjunct North Node   ---->   Nurturing Others

  You have the capacity to be a nurturing force to people around you. Your natural abilities to care and show affection are running high. It's easy to know what others need and to supply it without losing your own power. Others are able to respond to your needs more easily at this time.

** Venus Sextile Mercury   ---->   Brilliant Ideas

  One brilliant plan or idea leads to another, and then another during this time. You've blazed the trail with inspiration, now you just have to follow the path. Let your curiosity and your desire to connect with people who stimulate your mind be your guides. You are able to communicate with grace and refinement that attracts intelligent people to you.

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